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Want To Work With James?

Work with JamesIf you’ve clicked on this page you’re either curious about what Network Marketing company I’ve parntered with or you’re seriously looking for a business, a sponsor, or the right team to partner with an create to absolute wealth machine within Network Marketing.

If your considering working with me you probably have an idea of what I bring to the table.  Allow me to give you the specific benefits of aligning yourself with me and our Allstar Team.

  1. Proven Offline Recruiting Strategies
  2. Exclusive Team Training
  3. Access to Customizable Capture Pages
  4. Facebook and Social Media Training
  5. Facebook Pay Per Click Training
  6. One on One Mentoring, Coaching, and Accountability
  7. The Opportunity to Participate in our Team Lead Co-op
  8. Team Conference Calls
  9. MLSP Fast Start Training and Support
  10. The Opportunity to Market a Necessity with Systems to Build Online and Off.

Now that you know EXACTLY what you can expect from me and our team, let me tell you what I expect from those that choose to align themselves with our Allstar Team.

  1. A Burning Desire to Succeed and Win
  2. Be Respectful of the Team and Respectful of your Own and Our Time
  3. Relentless Action with a Positive Mental Attitude
  4. A Proactive Mentality and Willingness to continue to Learn, Develop, and Grow
  5. Congruency – Through your Actions, Habits, and Behaviours they must be Inline or Aligning with your Goals, Dreams, and Desires.
  6. Your Schedule of When you Can and Will Work to Build your Business
  7. Be a Team Player
  8. An Attitude that Allows you to be Coachable, Teachable,  and Trainable (Seeking Mentorship)
  9. A Desire to Demonstrate Leadership and Continue to Develop Leadership Skills
  10. The Habit and Attitude of Persistancy and Consistency

THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: If you are SERIOUS about creating a life changing income and work within a proven system that works on the internet and offline – now is the time to take action.  Simply click the “Set Up Appointment” button below to book an appointment and I look forward to speaking with you and ultimately working directly with you to create a wealth machine and build a dynamic team that is focused on their personal goals and dreams.

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Work With James

James Yancey is building an incredible team and community within Ambit Energy using traditional and online methods to attract like minded individuals who recognize Ambit Energy as the premier company in Network Marketing that is offering an opportunity like no other in the history of the industry.